Monday, February 9, 2009

Lil Kim & Taj of SWV on the television...

Lil Kim
is now a contestant and part of the new cast of
Dancing With The Stars!
Yes, Lil Kim!
[There's so much I could say about this move but imma just see how this desperate career reserection move pans out]

On to a less outrageous bit of news.

Taj of SWV
Tamara Johnson-George has joined the cast of the new Survivor!
I heard this and was like what the hell?
U go on Survivor and have nothing and leave with nothing, u have to make your own shelter, food and warm and everything else - basically starting from scratch. She provide the hits back in the 90's and now shes doing this...but i give her props she says she's doing this to prove shes tougher than she looks

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G-M0N3Y said...

i could see Lil Kim wearing close to NOTHIN on every episode she actually survives. eww. slut has a new meaning. good thing this isn't daytime television.