Monday, February 9, 2009

The 51st GRAMMY's [Mikeman's Recap]

Yo! The GRAMMY's were so star-studded and surpring...
So here are some of my highlights & lowlights of the 51st Annual Grammy's

Whitney set the damn thing off
(Go Whitney & Yes, Whitney)

Justin Timberlake & Al Green
people they preformed together

Jennifer Hudson
won & preformed
(so phenominally and emotionally)
dont know what she was wearing tho haha

Kanye x Estelle preformed
"American Boy"
featuring Kanye's black soon-to-be mullet! SMDH

[but thats a whole notha blog folks]

Coldplay won like 3 awards
Theyre my cousin's favorite group so im proud of them
Plus, Viva La Vida is pretty awesome

Lil Wayne
preformed "Tie My Hands" w/ Robin Thicke
then a New Orleans medley

Stevie Wonder & The Jonas Bros
did actually great

Last but NOT least
The first time EVER!
[Kanye, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne's]
schedules have all been open enough to preform
They smashed it!
the whole preformance had crazy energy!
Unbelieveable preformance!
(the type where if you missed it you missed out!)

And somebody say my girl MIA is a trooper!
9 months pregnant - due that day
preforming the chorus to "Swagga Like Us"
The outfit was horrible tho
but she rocked it tho

and that was my recap

1 comment:

G-M0N3Y said...

lmao @ the 'outfit was horrible tho'
lol, yeah pretty hideous!

but u left out my girls Miley & Taylor Swift, i actually enjoyed their performance, as well as Al Greens/J.T's and Stevie Wonder/Jo Bros.

Grammy's didn't disappoint this year!