Saturday, February 14, 2009

Making the Band 4 PREMIERE

So its back and in action filled with...
Drama, DK, Day26, Donnie & Diddy

[so here's my recap]
Ill definetly be keeping you posted on all news DANITY KANE

Well straight from the beginning of the showed the final reaction of Dawn, Drea & Shannon from D & Aubrey's departure from the group after the MTV special last season which was so saddening. It so set the mood for them as sooooo not promising :(
lone Dawn (the spokesperson of the group) shows up to Diddy who's recording for his new album and they "talk" about DK and its status:
Shannon won't answer her phone calls supposedably her lawyer told to to say nothing and the girl has done so which is surprising cuz from the last time they were togeteher she was down with 3K (DK 5-2=3K).
NO word from D. Woods or Aubrey
So Dawn knows nada bout the girls as she tries to reach them to get this going again. Plus the girls thinks Dawn as Diddy's insider, the snitch, in cahoots which really puts Dawn in a bad position as Diddy wants the girls number to get intouch with them but Dawn cant do that... so that's what's up with DK

Donnie Klang
Basically his career is in jeopardy due to poor album sales and singles...tho part of that is Diddy's fault cuz he has HORRIBLE advertising for his artists.
Yet, still he told Donnie the reality of the situation and that he needs to promote the hell outta himself!

is in LDN
and are having a good time
Main Fear: they dont want to break up like Danity Kane did. They honestly were one of Diddy's biggest selling artists 2 #1 hits & 2 platinum albums and it ended like that. They dont wanna go out like that and basically talk about his Aubrey was wrong for doing the group wrong like that and not looking out for the good of the group AND how their sad for D. Woods getting cut like that.
They review Diddy's Making The Band history
had baaaaaaaaad chemistry (always fighting if you remember them) went gold but Diddy dismembered them
-Danity Kane
hella successful and had true talent each of them girls could sing and lets clicks & and bad chemistry ruin it for them
doesnt want to be classified as another Bad Boy failure

Career statuses:
Danity Kane - pending (missing members & no direction)
Donnie Klang - endangered (by poor sales = possible 'nother dropped artist)
Day26 - promising (thus far)

Concerned fan & Bad Boy love/hater,

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