Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Facts about Mikeman


25 Random Facts about MIKEMAN

1. I bite my nails

2. I love celebreality
(Celebrity news x reality TV)

3. Pyrophobic > fear of fire

4. Student Athletes who ONLY wear athletic clothes irritates me! Like all you have to wear is basketball shorts, white tees or team attire, tube socks and flip-flops??? [Im sorry if this is you]

5. I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth ever!

6. I’m a perfectionist

7. Music is my EVERYTHING...like you have no idea! From waking up to going to sleep. I have so many different types of artists I love & listen to that I could care less if you like or not. But if you do we on the same page. Genres: Underground, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Latin, Reggaeton, Reagae, Dancehall, Pop, Alternative, Grime/Garage, Pop, Dance and etc you know all the way down to those undefineables. Music is my heart and soul and without it i truly think ill cease to exist! A true music fan…no addict!
(Glo, Reggie, Vero, Frankie, Jessica - I know you feel me)

8. I love seafood!
(Crab legs, lobster, skrimps, clams, calamari, and fish...yum!)

9. I’m afraid of dying alone...not the fact that i can’t find anyone but girls i talk to become good friends...NOT GIRLFRIENDS :(

10. I’m pretty SPont@n3ouS & rand0m. Not like "Oh! I’m random" but like I really am and not everyone can handle that. (right Veronica & Evelyn

11. Even tho I’m tall (6’1’’ to be exact) I hate feeling short when standing next to others taller than me

12. I talk way too much

13. Textaholic

14. Although I’m BLACK I relate more to my CUBAN side and sometime have to remind myself “I am black” as far as the eye can see. I feel sometimes I suffer an identity crisis not knowing what I am at the moment because I’m both BLACK & CUBAN. And my exterior is black but my interior is Hispanic. So no NOT all the black stereotypes or Latino stereotypes work apply to me. I’m too Hispanic to be FULL Black and too Black to be FULL Hispanic But this doesn’t mean I deny either side. It’s a constant battle…I’m Black & Latino and Hispanic & African American whichever way you wanna slice it I am it. And I love it, I couldn’t wish me any other way :)

15. Je parle le français

16. Fashion/clothes/personal style is very important to me…as I’m pretty sure you’ve all see/noticed. I rock what I want ….. & swagga jackers are WHACK!

17. “I may have BIG LIPS but I have even BIGGER TALENT” – Fantasia

18. I’m a sucker for chicks in heels

19. I trip, I fall, I’m clumsy….U love it

20. Fortune Cookies piss me off

21. Even tho Arizona gets 100 and HELL degrees I love it to death…certified AZ kid

22. I’m never easily intimidated

23. My friends make me better and are honestly all I need to get by. I thanks them so for all they’ve done for me despite them ever truly ever knowing.

24. I ultimately want to become a fashion designer
[men x women clothing, pants, shirts, shoes, heels, etc]
Yes, I have a name for it
No, Im not releasing it via the internet…yet
If you like me you’ll like it

25. REAL TALK: What lies behind this big ole smile of mine are far less glamorous than the truths and realities of my life.