Sunday, November 16, 2008

Listen to WARNINGS!

Last friday, I went to the La Joya Football Game because the made the playoffs, sadly they lost but it still was a good game.

Anyways well while I was there I ordered a hot chocolate. Makes sense right!

Cold Night + Hot Chocolate = Good

So I order the hot chocolate and the first thing the lady says is "now just to let you know it is HOT!" I'm like "well yeah it, like come it its 'hot cocoa.'" She tops it marshmallows & whipped cream, I paid the $1, got a starw and bounced.

Now not even a 15 seconds after I got the hot chocolate I take a sip, BURN my tounge and spit out the drink!
-I could do nothing then but laugh at my dumb ass for drinking something HOT knowing full well I'd be burnt and knowing I'd been well WARNED it was hot.

Anyways the hot chocolate was good. One of the best I had. Thanks Laurissa for the recommendation.

Burnt tounge,

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G-M0N3Y said...

that is so FUNNY, cuz i'm currently recovering from the no-tastebud feeling from hot chocolate i had sunday .. i knew it was hot, but i blew in it and thought it was ready for sippin! serves me right!