Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hole in the Wall...literally

(Let's just cut to the chase.)
Who: Luis (a friend) & I
What: put a HOLE in the wall
When: Tuesday, 11/24/2008
Where: @ home
How: wrestling...for no reason.
See I had lifted him from the ground (he weights about 160lbs) and drove him into the wall like nothing. My bro Jr was there and started yelling "O My God! O My God!" I was like "WHAT?" Then I dropped Luis and realized that I had piledrived his a** in to the wall creating a HUGE HOLE in the WALL.
See I'm not kidding when I say HUGE HOLE.

[& the culprit, LUIS]

So I had vaccumed the dry wall up and called my mom to let her know. She took it ok cuz we have the mentality "you cant cry over spilled milk" but was mad it happening so close to Thanksgiving. So to get it fixed I had gone over to my neighbor's to see if her husband can fix it? [after I explained the situation to her] Basically she got there and laughed. Hysterically! I felt horribe cuz this is not a laughing matter. This was serious even tho how it happened wasnt. I mean my dad was gonna kill me when he hears this. [Good thing he didnt because my mom talked to him beforehand so i wasnt as brutal]

Anyways her husband was came over later that night and said he'd be able to fix it and on Wednesday he did.

Whole NEW

Shoulda listened to that old saying



[$ H A R O N A] said...

glad to know that i haven't been the only one to witness something EXACTLY like that.

G-M0N3Y said...

how'd they fix that gargantuon-sized HOLE!! haha .. nice one, Mike!
lol ..