Thursday, November 6, 2008

19th B'Day

So at first I thought my Bday was gonna suck cuz I had to got to school today (unlike in high school where you had the option of it) & I worked. So I gave up on having a good Bday!

But I dont give up that easily. I was giddy all day despite the circumstances. I was fresh to def & in good spirits...virtually unbreakable! like I was in a rare perfect form of pure bliss/Anyway tho it was my Birthday the downside of it as stated before was school, work & the walk home, and bus ride home. MAJOR BUMMER!

So for dinner my parents decided to take me to Joe's Crab Shack (cuz i love seafood) and man did my day shape up from there....We went thru the normal dinner prodecures:
-ordered drinks
-ordered appitizer (Calamari cuz it twas my birthday)
-figuring out to order
-order meal
of coarse we talked to and had a great time cuz thats just how we roll [my mom, bro & I] Going to a new restaurant was fun too. Oh and the waiter had the most hilarious shirts like...
"My Waiter Gave Me CRABS"
& things to that effect

The dinner was awesome I had crab legs, 3 different skrimps haha & rice. It was bomb! but as all birthdays go they always slip in to the waiter/waitress its your birthday! & my mom definetly did!

&& man did they get me.
They sang me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and everything they were to say "YOU" I was to say "MY CRABS ARE ON FIRE!" The most hilarious thing ever. Im turing 19 and infront of the whole restaurant i have to say my crabs are on was just to funny & at the end of the song I had to finish it off with BIG OLE YELL of "My Crabs are on FIRE!"
Oh yeah! while this was happening i was holding a crab
[thanks God it wasnt live], a firefighter hat and a bib!

[Let's Get CRACKIN']

One memorable BDAY

19 yo

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G-M0N3Y said...

oh man .. what a birthday to remembeR!
hilarious bib by the way .. hahaaha .. and glad u didnt give up hope on ur b-day especially with ur horrible circumstances (work, school, lol)