Monday, November 10, 2008

Donor 4 Life

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So Saturday, I donated blood for the second time! And saved a few lives with the United Blood Service.
[3 to be exact!]

& Well quite honestly I did it cuz... well they've been harassing me to give blood for about a month now (calling me every weekend) So I finally gave in and made an appointment (11/8). Plus its a worthy cause ya know wspecially since 1 out of 20 ppl who can give blood give blood. Sad huh?

Anyways I get there and just like last time they grill u with a bajillion questions like do u take any of these drugs/medicines, have had or received sex from a prostitute, sex with another male, been to any country, do u have any certain diseases, etc. I reply NO to all except for the traveling outside the country (Europe Trip 08)

Anyways after the lil "questionaire" they take me to the area where they take your blood. Now usually when they take your blood they search for a vien to insert the thing that takes your blood then tell u to look away. DUMB Me looked at the insertion and it HURT!

So stupid of me...its like looking down when regardless if your scared of heights. I'm not afraid of needles but what the hell sense it make to look at them put the needle in me and draw the first blood?

Anyways all went well. I donated my O+ blood, got wrapped up, waited the 15 mins to make sure there's no adverse affects, ate & drank to get my blood sugar back in order & bounced.

Oh yea I brought a friend! So "we" donated blood.

Life saving,

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