Friday, November 21, 2008

Total Request Denied

TRL is no longer folks
(in case you missed it!)

NOW normally any other show going off air I'd be like "whatever who cares?" but this is TRL! & I can honestly say I watched that show and was/am sad to see it go. I mean not to sound all POP but I've watched that show from the very beginning.

[OK now im revealing myself I really do like POP MUSIC
not all of it but the good stuff. And to reveal a lil more of myself
I was a NSYNC fan/ forget BACKSTREET BOYS.]

But I mean I watched that show back in the day afterschool, it 3, TRL is ON & I've watched it make so many artists career
Britney & Christina
NSYNC & Backstreet Boys
[the pop craze...screaming fans included]
J.LO & the latin invasion
Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne
[with the pop punk/pop rock phase]
Destiny's Child, 3LW, Aaliyah
[r&b artists]
Nelly, Luda & LL
[other rappers too]
& so many other artist

I mean I remember back one summer when I was in Florida one summer and I can remember watching Christina Aguilera's Genie In A Bottle music video as vivid as day!

Im just in shock that something with so many stars, artists, actors, actresses, differnet host, athletes and so many great memories is just OVER! Sorry I sound so teenybopper but yeah its a childhood memory K ppl...I can grieve.
I mean I still remember all the lyrics to just about all these songs for goodness sakes!

Anyways I'm done, MTV cut me deep, MTV is on crack idk what they gonna do without TRL


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G-M0N3Y said...

hahaha .. i think they realized 106 & Park's ratings couldn't be beat?? lol .. idk .. i wasn't a big TRL fan (caught it on occasions) but 106 & Park is wat i waited for after school