Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

So today, NOV 4th, 2008 AD,
(2 day before my birthday) I got to experience voting for the FIRST TIME EVER on the most momentous presidential election EVER!

So here's how it went.

I woke up @ 6 got ready and was at my voting location [Western Valley Middle School] by 6:30. Now dumb me left without thinking it would be cold...cuz I thought if I get there early no one will be there and ill just be in & out right quick!
-U know vote for Obama, some propositions & iish and be out!

But nah! How very wrong I was. I get there and there's a line and I'm waiting in line in the clothes I slept in; a white tee, sweats and flip flops...FREEZING MY ASS OFF! I mean I literally was asleep trynna do my duty as an American and vote and stay WARM by all means necessary. I mean for u to visualize how cold I was my nipples were so cold I could cut glass...ya feel me here! It was cold in AZ

Anyways so I waited in like for like 45 mins. Then got in the building, the poll workers got mu number and I signed, got a ballot & voted!

I left the voting booth @ 7:30 after arriving at 6:30. So I spent an hour waiting and voting. I say an hour well spent!

The whole experience was thrilling and chilling. I'm just glad i have the right to vote and exercised it!

& that was my experience in Baraking the Vote!

First time voter,

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G-M0N3Y said...

OMG, i tried to get to the polls early too! but knowing me, i WOULD forget to set my alarm! lol .. so i get to the polls @ 9:30 am thinkin it'll be completely stacked, but i'm the 2nd person in line! i literally wait for a matter of seconds and i'm in!

YAY for kansas who has ppl that love to absentee vote! lol