Sunday, January 10, 2010

LA Fitness

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I joined.

2010 Mikeman is gonna be a sexy mothafugga!
I plan on hittin' the gym hard Imma get right in this gym this year
hopefully in time for summer too!
lookin' all buff is the goal.
Thurdsay 1/7/10 my homie Luis & I joined and started working out that day.
& boy did I do damage to my arms.
"no pain no gain" tho right
I was sore like HELL the next day tho.

Working out at home just wasn't cuttin' it anymore.
There's only so much improvements I can do at home

Expecting big things #in2010 haha


1 comment:

GL0 said...

Lol, with as much improvements you made from your house, I can only imagine how drastic of a change you'll make from an actual gym.