Sunday, January 17, 2010

Your 2 cent...

Now I'm very openminded person.
Open to all & everyone's opinions.
They all matter to me. It gives a new perspective and outlook on life...
From music and decision-making to achieving my goals, etc & everything!
I am completely open to all ideas and input.
I take it all into consideration before I make my finals decision.

But if there is ever ONE thing
I hate when people try to put their 2 CENT in...
it's in anything relating to

I don't know what it is but lately everyone from friends to fam have been trynna tell me how to get a girl or what kinda girl to get. Like to date an Asian girl or "you gotta go in for the kill" or "don't text her till 3 days after you get the number Mikeman" or "I got this girl for you and she down for whatever."
I have no idea where this is all coming from.

Main point:
DON'T offer your dating/relationship advice to me. It secretly PISSES ME OFF. You ain't me. You don't know what I like or want or prefer in a woman or how I got about getting that. It's honestly been my PET PEEVE ever since the days of elementary. I'm more than capable of getting a girl and holding down a relationship without your help.

I'm not a completely private person at all... BUT I don't talk about my relationships [that's one part of my life I keep private]. This isn't to say its non-existent I just don't want people asking & intruding with advice or questions on what to do and how to get one, etc. I mean, I don't do that shit to you so don't do it with me but people still gon' put in their 2 CENT regardless...
*shrugs shoulders*

just know your 2 CENT concerning my relationships mean NOTHING are VOID.

Letting it be known for future reference,


Juicy Carter said...

lmao. *taking a mental note*

TheDailey said...

lolol tell them to mind their own business! daaang haha

Yeah i completely understand, I hate when people try to help you in areas that they don't know anything about.

This That ,And The Other said...

Live and learn lol all I can say . Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Reggie,

Never offer Mike dating advice or be Chris Browned.