Monday, January 11, 2010


T-Pain Big Chain Pictures, Images and Photos

If this thang had a Twitter account, no lie - I'd follow haha
I think it'd be all insightful & funny!
PLUS, with as BIG as it might as well do something productive like tweet haha
it to just hang there aint good fo ya neck pimp.

come to think of it.
I aint seen it since...
Can we say bad investment?

plenty of Africans died to supply you with chain.
[You should really see 'Blood Diamond']

random thought of Mikeman


This That ,And The Other said...

Wow I wonder how many people in Africa had to die in order for T.Pain to have this chain. Ever seen "Blood Diamonds". Shit like that really does go on every day in Africa. Shame what people value these days. Im going to follow you, lol I never even seen this before you showed me somethin new.Come check me out when you get a chance.

Mikeman said...

My thoughts exactly!
Rocks, jewels, chains, rolexes & shit dont interest me at all. And the fact that so any Africans die for a mere couple karats is a shame. I aint down wit all that foolishness. It's actually a turn off of mine & deff my pet peeve.

but yeah I'll definetly check you out when get to posting new material.

thx for the comment.

GL0 said...

LOL! He did it for 15 minutes of fame.. and that's about how long the hype lasted. Smh

The New Deal said...

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Danielle said...

haha wow