Friday, January 8, 2010

Banana Chips

BANANA CHIPS! So Thursday morning after paying my tuition and getting my books for next semester, I go to McDonald's to get some food. They hadn't started their lunch menu yet so I went over to Fresh & Easy
[a new & local supermarket in CA, AZ & NV that provides the freshest food at the cheapest prices]

This place is amazing. They had fresh fruit like oranges, bananas, berries, apples, etc. Organic stuff, healthy stuff and all that good stuff... like it just makes you feel like anything you get from that place is good for you.

Anyways, I was in this place for a good 15 mins before I was about to dipset [to McDonald's] then I saw BANANA CHIPS! I hadn't eaten BANANA CHIPS since like 4th grade so clearly its been a while since I've had one of my favorite snacks. And for .89 cents I couldn't pass that up. So I bought a bag and finished it off w/ my McDonald's haha

It was a nice treat.

Nostalgic & couldn't honestly of been happier,

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