Monday, January 11, 2010

#MusicMonday: The Saturdays - Ego

The Saturdays - Ego 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
Vanessa, Una, Rochelle, Franki & Mollie of the Saturdays
have definitely got themselves a hit with their 2nd single from their 2nd album Wordshaker.

In the music video the girls all play a super heroine with distinct powers as they all slowly but surely get their revenge on the "superhero" [the star of the show] after going solo & ditching the girls to the side leaving the group distraught & disbanded as they sing how much he [the significant other in the relationship] has took for granted them and all the things they have done for him.
EGO took over.

Egocentric thinking and actions - this song hits it right on the dot. Point blank.
Egoism is selfish is blind to how much people actually do and care for you.
This song hits home so HARD for me relationship-wise & friendship-wise because both are the reasons for breakups and loss friends. I swear this is my song besides the fact its sung by females.
This song are my sentiments exactly.
I live these lyrics
I cosign w/ this song 100!

#MusicMonday 1/11/2010

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GL0 said...

Lol, love the song.. always putting me up on game