Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Our friends need new friends"

the bestfriend (Jessica) & I have been thinkin' after doing a lot of hanging out over this Winter Break w/ our friends, friends' friends and our own friend.
"Our friends need new friends."

OD [overdose] // stalkers // threats // drunk fights // hospitalizations //
shit talking on an epic scale // drinking & driving //
domestic abuse on a pregnant woman

This is just the kind of drama and friends' fake friends I've been around lately intermingled with real friends. I'm there for my friends 100,020,000% there's no doubt about that. And I've been there for my friends every step of the way thru thick & think and thru bullsh*t and drama but when "your circle of friends start to endanger my circle of life" we have a problem. "Our friends need new friends."

Basically watch not only your but your friend's circle of friends also ...because when they start negitively affecting you and yours CHANGE must be made.
[which I am in the process of doing]


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