Friday, January 23, 2009

The Real World: BROOKLYN episode 3

The Real World: BROOKLYN
episode 3

main characters
Katelynn the transgendered chick
is feeling lonely missing her boyfriend Mike ultimatly companionship... Later from im guessing loneliness she freaks some dude at a bar and makes out with some chick
(drinking was involved but the chick is just a freak)
Basically Katelynn needs love so she decides to date despite having a man

Devyn the black girl
Scott the fitness model
kinda have a thing for each other...kinda
(finally a predictable house hook up)
it all started with Scott making some chicken and slapping Devyn with the meat. An odd form of "flirting" but funny.
She makes a BF-O-METER measuring their "friendness" cuz shes really digging the dude and wanting to be with him. Scott bring over a girl friend not a girlfriend - semi awkward for Devyn who likes him and thinks she does too. She doesnt & girl talks with her yet is getting mixxxed signals from him on whether he like her or now.
But Scott has a girl so yeah...
Damn his decieving hugs haha

Ryan, an Iraq vet
plays a guitar and decides to pursues it
So when the cast went to club, they Baya & Ryan meet up with a record label guy, he tells him about his music..yada, yada, yada they meed up another day @ Crush Management for undiscovered artists where Ryan wants to record music, Baya wants to dj and Chet wants to host
[By the way, Ryan can really play i love his music especially that song "Liar" is you saw it]
Ryan meets an producer and basically gets shut down
not that its not good music but he should get a following first


just jaleesa. said...

at first ryan seemed like a real dickhead, but he's really cool. i like to see him and bayo or w/e her name is get together.

Mikeman said...

pshhhh i am sooooo witchu
i hated that dude wit a passion in the begining but hes warmed up to me so yeah i do wanna see Baya and him get together

Princess Katrina said...

I like his music, he has a lot of talent and emotion.