Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Real World: BROOKLYN episode 2

The Real World BROOKLYN
Episode 2

We learn...

-JD's packing magnums wit that latino heat
(at Chet's amazement)
-Chet's pranks piss off JD
(example: the condomed banana in the aquarium)
-Katelynn comes out to Baya & Sarah about being transgendered
(Both very accepting)
-The boys and Sarah go to Chelsea's (a gay club) JD's idea and Ryan warns Chet
"they're gonna eat you alive!" LMAO
Refering to his attire
Skin tight jeans & blk shit w/ a white scarf
not the mention the kid is pretty pastey
Anyways they hit up the club and....
Ryan got kissed by Perpermint the drag queen
-Baya takes Devyn, Katelynn & Sarah to a Caribbean Hip-Hop dance place...and man is it funny to watch white who can't dance - Dance!
-Baya then goes to the Hip Hop Conservatory to audition for them. It looked like hell! That sooo seemed greuling!
-Chet's fam comes and its like the pretty perfect blonde-blue eyes squad
came thru....
they loved JD by the way
(He seemed like a good Guy yo them)
Oh and we learned Chet was kicked out of his frat for
I did thet shit in 8th fun haha
And he's NOT allowed to wear his beloved eyeliner anymore haha
-Lastly, JD's dad has taken his identity using his SSN & stuff
......stuff happened.....
JD left to get chapstick then came back home stupid drunk talking shit and all!
But dumbass Chet starts argueing with him which is just dumb cuz JD's DRUNK and getting all defensive and confrontational and we all know NOT TO GET INTO IT WITH A DRUNK

That's my lil summary of episode

Devoted fan


Jervis said...

dat was a dope ass recap

Mikeman said...

thx I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I'm fucking with J.D.......Them other dudes who AREN'T gay act MORe gay than the ones who ARE.....:)