Friday, January 23, 2009

Making the Band 4 previews

MTB4 Season 4 Trailers

So excited about this!
NOT SO much about it possibly being the final season.
[ya never know with Diddy & his "Making the Bands"
e.i. Dream, O-Town, Da Band & countless other solor artist]

I have sooooo many questions:
-what's up with Day26?
-is Donnie's career over?
-i didnt see Shannon was my previous blog about her leaving the group true?
-is DK reuniting?
[Id be beyond happy if that were so LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!]
-is Danity Kane now a duo? (Dawn & Andrea)
-will Diddy cast more girls of DK doesn't remain?
-how's Q & Dawn?
-when's the supposed DK album coming out? Is it coming out?
-Is there a Danity Kane?
-will the boys disband?
-will there be any new solo stars?
-what surprises does Diddy have in store?
-is Aubrey a lezbo?
-whats up with D. Woods?

all these questions plague my mind and rushed like Niagra Falls when i saw the MTB4 promo

well stay tuned
Thrusday, Feb 12


just jaleesa. said...

at first i thought it was a publicty stunt, but now i believe its true. dawn needs the band. she don't look to good to me.

Jervis said...

these niggas betta not let me down again

Anonymous said...

P. Diddy is beyond gay!!!! For breaking up D.K. and putting my girl Cheri Dennis on the rebound...Like she has no talent...That bitch can sang!!!!!

Here's to his fuckery...*toast****

Anonymous said...

I saw Dawn in the club in DC on monday...Cannot wait to see this joint!!!

Mikeman said...

Im hating hardcore right now!

[$ H A R O N A] said...

OH MAN i am so excited about this... And like Reggie said...Cheri Dennis can kick rocks. No talent having ass.

G-M0N3Y said...

ur questions are RIGHT ON THE MONEY! i cannot wait for season to begin either :)
*itching with joy/excitement/frustration wit diddy* lol