Monday, January 5, 2009

Wedding NEWS

Heres a bit of celeb news on my fav stars....

First, we got one of the Girls Next Door, HOLLY MADISON has recenctly been engagned to CRISS "Mindfreak:" ANGEL, that crazy magician guy. Anyways they're being getting married in June obviously @ the Playboy Mansion. I like the Girls Next Door haha...

Next, we got actor/model LANCE GROSS from Tyler Perry productions &
model/actress EVA PIGFORD, America's Next Top Model cycle 3 winner. Yeah, they got engagned Chirstmas Eve (08) ppl are expecting beautiful babies from them. Congratz tho i like them. They seem like good ppl
(despide Eva on ANTM lol)

Lastly, here the doozie!
YES! That's MICHAEL JORDAN & his new "girlfriend", YVETTE PRIETO. No official word has been from MJ's ppl but since they had went out to dinner back in June RUMORS flown about them being together and wedding plan being in the makes. Anyways im cool with it...I did my research on this girl and she Cuban model
(sounds like a double plus to cubano by the way ppl)
Go head MJ!

love to see that HOLLYWOOD isnt all doing bad,

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G-M0N3Y said...

lol .. WOW!
thx for this blog cuz it confirmed a lotta speculations i had .. like the Girl's Next Door .. i thought it was just a rumor about her datin my favorite magician .. lol .. and then Kendra is dating a football player, i mean it was only a matter of time be4 the pills (Viagra) would stop working .. they want REAL men now .. lol ..

but good for Eva .. her and her man look like a good couple .. very happy for them ..

as for MJ, idk .. she might be a gold digger, knowin the MJ's money will continue to generate revenue for generations and decades to come just by his brand alone .. but hey, if that floats his boat!