Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Real World: BROOKLYN

Sorry its late.
The season already started but THE REAL WORLD has always & forever been my SHIT! Since I was old enough to watch it...
Hell, since i started watching MTV

Anyways here's my take on it...

The Real World BROOKLYN
[Devyn, JD, Sarah, Katelynn, Scott, Baya, Chet & Ryan]

Devyn is the lone beautiful black girl (former Kansas Beauty Queen)
JD is gay (which "ppl" must know) and is just cool, I think imma like him the best, hes the responsible one outta all and just idk I see alot of similar quality in him in me. Hes a good person to me, Oh and Latino!
Sarah is real interesting and tatted real good (former lesbian)
Katelynn haha is a transgender and so therefore deals with that
Scott is Mr. Muscle, gym trainer, been in the gym since 14, rated best abs etc... but hes not that jock personality so is pretty cool
Baya is a cool dancer chick (hip-hop dancer)
Chet haha k this dude is from Salt Lake City, Utah, Mormon and is very questionable but thats just cuz hes lived a shelterd life and hasnt been exposed to alot of life. Oh and his attire is a straight HELL NO like...idk what
Ryan an Iraq vet so hes seen & been thru alot. He claims to be able to figure ppl out after taking wit them for 5 min and hes whole deal just pisses me off...I only sympathizes with the dude once.

Overall, its too early to typecast (most of the cast) or say anything major about this season but im sure it'll be good as always

Ill definetly keep yall posted on The Real World & all its controversies :)



G-M0N3Y said...

oooh, i've NEVER been a fan of this series, but i might have to give this one a chance .. i mean i thought the Real World: Vegas previews were interesting, but didn't turn out to be all i hoped for .. but lets hope this is!

~*Jazzy*~ said...

hmmm yea i gotta agree with glo i wasn't really a fan of it.. the last one i really followed was real world new orleans.. lmao long time ago... haha

Jervis said...

i loved ur lil assessment of everyone

Bombchell said...

caught part of it, looks interesting.

I keeping hoping theyll be nice, and hardly any crazy drama, well except the random hookups and jealousys lol

[$ H A R O N A] said...

real world is hit or miss for me and omg this one is a hit! i have a crush on chet. lmao