Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girl Groups 09: pt 1 (Dear Jayne)

Although each of my girl groups have been on the rise since 08
Just incase you havent already heard of them…
Here’s my 3 lil bomb ASS girl groups of 09
I bet on these three groups to blow up this year

Song: Rain
Dear Jayne is comprised of Jazmine, Ashley & Lindsey.
[Ashley's the two-tone blonde & brown locks, Jasmine (my fav) is the one with the red D. Woods cut & Lindsey got the jet black straignt hair]
And these girls can SANG!!! Their album Voice Message is truly a great title cuz everyone of thier song are like voice messages to "us" dudes doing wrong! They got amazing voices like I already said & each girl can hold thier own in the group...theyre definetly the future of urban/R&B music. I mean they definetly got the lady anthems with "Fall Back" feat The Dream & "Thats a No No"
.... which so happen to be my other DEAR JAYNE jams :)

[Jazmine, Ashley & Lindsey]

Music Videos
[for your viewing pleasure]

Dear Jayne - Rain

Dear Jayne feat The Dream - Fall Back


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ZION`OLOGY said...

i looooooooooooove them.....Jasmine is fav too....she just stands out with her voice/hair...if they broke up and went solo i would be fucking with jasmine.....but 4real they need to hurry up with that album...before the hype around them fades away..:)i`m not feeling "fall back" just because of the dream...:(