Monday, January 5, 2009

3rd time giving Blood

I do believe I'm an saint :)
Jk ppl but I do save lives regularly by giving blood.
This time I took pictures to prove it.

Giving blood this time was different this time I was woken up 8:45 in the morning (depsite still being asleep)
by my friend to go give blood.
Got there, signed in, waited a bit cuz they're were a lot of ppl there to give blood, got interviewed to make sure my blood is good, then gave blood on this Power Red machine!

The Power Red machine draws your blood then puts the plasma drawn from you back into you with the help of saline solution.

giving blood

recieving plasma & saline

Saving a life or 3,


G-M0N3Y said...

awwh .. GOOD FOR YOU Mike!

i wish i could give blood .. but i'm anemic, which means i'm runnin kinda short myself! lmao

♥Shezlikeastar said...

Awww thats really nice of you!!
Dunno if ive left a comment here b4 but...nice blog :)

ZION`OLOGY said... mike that`s so inspiring helping others by giving ur blood...mad respect...i was thinking of the doing the same but later on...:*)