Sunday, January 11, 2009


[For those who dont know]

A Quinceañera first & foremost is a hispanic/latino thing just had to let yall know cus not everyone is up to par on us Latinos.
But anywyas a quinceañera is a celebration of (hispanic) girl's 15th birthday. The celebration partay is a gatherration of family & friends, God, food, music and dance. Plenty other of things happen too...U just gotta be up on culture.

But as a CUBAN, I've been in 3 quinces as a chambalan (male dancer) having to dress up in a tux & learned the different dances with a couple in time to preform it, the whole SHE-BANG!

So in all, going to 7 quinces: attending 4/participating in 3....
IT FEELS GREAT not to being in anymore. Ive outgrown the age limit to be part of the quince girl's court and i can just watch, enjoy, commentate & critize on other's. I mean learning the dances, hanging & getting to know the other chambalans & madrina with other ppl is cool and all the other tomfoolery is great and all
But....Shit, its Hardwork!

So now I'm just spectating & get my salsa y merengue on!



G-M0N3Y said...

hahahaha .. nice!
i've been to only 2 quincenera's my whole life and they are definitely FESTIVE things .. they get down almost as hard as black folk! lol

G-M0N3Y said...

i didnt realize that was u in the picture!!! bwahahaha .. good Lord mike! lol .. thx for the ab workout!!! lmao

Jervis said...

hahaha,look at lil homey

Reggie said...

LMAO!!! I have been to one and I fucks with them HARD!!!!

~*Jazzy*~ said...

dayum glo is such an asshole mike why are you friends with her??? lol
ohhh dayum that's right she's my best friend.. lol
but dayum you've been to wayyy many more that i have