Thursday, October 16, 2008

1st day on the JOB

So yesterday was like 4 hrs of online training aka bor-ring! Procedures, protocals etc... So boring that I'm not even gonna get into details. Just know I learned the store's history and stuff. Then thursday I did more online training and learned actual training for the job like bagging, pushing karts, greeting customers, pricechecks.

So after an hr of online training. They threw me out to the fishes - no official training. It was a whirlwind of work consisting of...
1) pushing carts and learning the secret to pushing them is to pick up, direction & push! Oh and I'm telling ya pushing carts aint no joke. Imma have some guns after pushing all those carts :)
2) bagging & there's a technique to bagging too. I CAN'T tell u what it tho...that's company policy.
3) pricechecking which I didn't know to do hehe :)
4) sweeping all the aisle up & down.
5) helping customers find products & offering to show where things are or to taking their groceries to their cars.

So I was doing this throught my work schedule going around frantically doing this, doing that. I felt like a ______ (if u catch my drift massa) haha and it just an eventful first day of work!
I worked 4 - 8 and it was wasn't tiring untill I got home and my feets (yes feets not foot) were sore.

& that concludes my first day as a courtesy clerk @ Safeway

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