Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"NO Home O..."

The funniest thing a mom could say!

Well we were dropping off my cousin and looking at the Halloween decorations already set up in her neighborhood. And our mom says "they lucky they can do that. Its probably because they have no NO Home O."

Yo my brother and I's first reaction to that was we started cracking up hysterically from shock of what she just said and just the funniness of what she just said (as our mom). Like our mom just said "No Homo"

We told her Mom u just said "No Homo" and she laughed and said I meant to say Home Owner's Association but cut myself off mid sentence... LOL

And my brother, Jr and I heard "No Home O"... like "No Homo" So we were like it all makes sense now! Haha but how funny was that...a simple misunderstanding :)

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G-M0N3Y said...

LMAO! wow .. thats funny .. i dont think u need to be homo for that .. hahahaha .. but crazyyy story. can't imagine my mom sayin that .. hahaha