Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gangstas can vote too!

So I was at school today and went to the bathroom something not really memorable as we live out our days. [Unless someone was doing it in there of coarse haha]

But today something about today's trip to the bathroom made it worth remembering!

See the guys bathromm is comprised of a 2:1 urinals to stall (toilet) ratio, then the sink, soap, mirror, papertowel and trash. Normally found messy and/or trashy with a gauranteed broken/damaged bathroom lock, door or soap dispenser...& not to mention the pee or floaters in the toilets... keep in mind were guys So after that I believe all that's left is the decor aka the tagging & graffiti!

I'm not saying the bathroom is decked in it...but it does have it (phone #'s, crews, gangs, sides, etc) but this graffiti on the bathroom door really got me... IT READ Photobucket
Funny huh? Political Graffiti! Kinda makes u rep Obama even more knowing gangstas, crew members or plain ole taggers are political too!
[Yet, saddened at the fact that they have to express their ideas on a college level thru the means of graffiti haha]

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G-M0N3Y said...

lol .. hahaha .. NICE!
and i LOVE ur description of a 'guy's bathroom' cuz being that i'm a woman, i really dont have a sense for what one looks like, but now i think i have an idea :)