Friday, October 10, 2008

Mike gotta JOB

[just as the title says]

But lemme explain to you the interview
(Pre and Post)

First of I had to go to the Southside of Phoenix for this interview. And if you don't know the southside is super GHETTO filled with black ppl and hispanics and suprisingly asians haha! But anyways I was applying for a job at Safeway, any position i just need a job ya know. Well like I said the area was ghetto, the Safeway was a bit of the same too not in appearance or anything but just in location which is messed up I know.

Well I got there early. Went to see where I go to be interviewed. They had set me up pretty quick for the interview. I just waited 5 min before the interview lady came and the interview started.

& just like all interviews she made me make sure everything in the application was correct and that I could show proof of citizenship (ID, cuz we all know Mike's illegal lol). So once that was over she asked me some questions like
"what would you do if you see a customers who seems to appear lost? What would you do if an employee tries to go to lunch at peak business hours? What would you do if "something" were to spill on the floor by some customers?, How would you handle disgruntle customers?, etc."
After that we talked about company dress code, benefits, policy & procedures, etc...........Long story short!

I felt great because now I had a job and can make some money (6.90/hr lol) as a cart pusher. So yeah next Thursday, I go back for training. Although this should be the highlight of the whole experience I was pretty confident on getting the getting it was confirming in a sense.

The real highligt of the day was after the interview was over I checked the rundown shopping center out a bit. I found a clothing store that I most definetly will be buying from next time. But here's what made my whole day... I walk out the store and get hounded by this black guy, a bootlegger! like OMG i dont do bootleg anything k. but what got me was how I turned him down.

At the moment I was on the phone with my mom telling her how to get there and speaking a like spanish cuz as we (better) know is soy Cubano! SO guy approached me while I was on the phone and I said to him
"no gracias senor..... i mean nah dude, im cool"
the dude look at me with such resentment for so many possible reason like WOW haha

like for 1) as far as he sees Im a black guy speaking spanish to another guy 2) I aint helping his business and 3) I dismissed him by speaking spanish to the put yourself in his shoes I felt bad for him but hey... I didnt want his BOOTLEG SHIT!


G-M0N3Y said...

well first off, congrats on gettin the job!! splurge and shades galore !! haha .. and i'm still weak off ur bootleg encounter .. haha .. u should get used to that too, cuz on the southside, there should be a WHOLE lot more where that came from! haha .. good luck!

~*Jazzy*~ said...

hahaha congrats on the job honey!!!!!...
and like miss glo said it will be glasses we shall see you rocking lol... but tooo funnie no gracias senor haha