Monday, October 6, 2008

the pre BDay jitters!

So my Birthday is Nov 6, 1989
Making me a scorpio & an 80's baby!
But most importantly making today (Oct 6, 2008) a month till my BIRTHDAY!
YAY! how can u know be excited about your bithday? like fo' real! If your like one of those ppl who aren't void this blog entry...I have fun on my birthdays to the fullest. I make sure I have a blast and do it it. I mean someone or thing may hamper it but its sure as hell AIN'T gonna ruin it! Cuz I do me on my birthday...

Sadly that still consists of attending school that day :)

Nonetheless, November 6, 2008 will be great!
(& that's oversimplifing it!)

Oh, and definetly expect a follow up post 2 weeks, a week, & a day before my BDay!

Excited much,


~*Jazzy*~ said...

awww how cute.. lol
plus i thought i was the only one that went through it.. lol

G-M0N3Y said...

LMAO .. wow .. just like a kid in a candy shop .. haha .. slightly pathetic, but very cute .. hahahaha :)