Friday, October 17, 2008

Myspace TABOO!?!

So we all know internet dating is BAD
[which means that applies to Myspace & Facebook hook ups]

Antyways... well bout a year ago there was this girl I was talking on Myspace (I know, I know this already sounds bad) and we were talking nothing serious "just talking" and well today just randomly walking throughout the campus today I ran into her!

Crazy huh? We did not plan this or anything. Swear. We just happened to meet up with each other like this. So we were talking for about 5 mins then went our different ways and that was that...

Nothing more. Nothing less.

1 comment:

G-M0N3Y said...

lol .. CRAZY how that happens huh .. its so easy to talk to someone thru a screen, but the minute u meet face to face, its awkward silence after awkward silence, after awkward silence, then like elapsation for the rest of ur lives .. haha