Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drama in the Dollhouse

As I sit back and blog my current events listening to Danity Kane

it only makes me think of MTB4 (Making the Band 4)'s last episode...

I friggin' love DANITY KANE in every possible way & beyond words can express (I sound so teenybopper but hey I really do love 'em)
I mean u may not like Diddy or Bad Boy at that but you gotta respect his grind and to see Danity Kane
[AUBREY, SHANNON, ANDREA, D. WOODS & DAWN] split/break up after all their success and talent is CRAZY TALK! My heart was going thru pain when Diddy said
"I dont want you in the group any more."

You can't have a DK missing a member
[this aint DC (Destiny's Child)]

They all are beautiful talented singers and dancer making for a great musical group. & I should know I saw the series and watched them become DK and was so happy and proud of them and to see 1 of Diddy MTB make it - is a miracle! But I mean...
-Dawn, the lil creole black girl from Lousiana provides the lead vocals & her songwritting skills to their success, almost a future Beyonce [not voice-wise]
-Shan, the married one just rounds the group out for & has some of the most underrated lines in the group. My fav in the group
-Drea the only latina from Cali brings in the pipes to KO a crowd
-D provides the incredible swagga
-Aubrella, the controversy, the sexy is what she brings to the group with she backs up with a really good voice (as one of the white girl - no offense)
THERE's more I could say but its just the fact that you can't break them up like that. They all bring something to the group whether its seen in the public eye, your eye or not. Diddy will be ruining a really good thing for him, me and the fans....

Im still pissed/sad/scared at the fact ________ is leaving the group and that there could be more....
I really cant explain in super depths how much I love DK either just know their one of my favorite group! & time will tell whats to become of DANITY KANE....


~*Jazzy*~ said...

hey i feel you on this one though.. but at the same time i can see why he wanted to kick her out...

G-M0N3Y said...

lol .. need some tissue there mike?? haha .. think i felt some sprays thru the screen .. but although i'm still about 3 weeks behind in episodes, i can kinda catch up to whats goin on .. and honestly, i dont think any1's leaving .. yes, the previews for the finale may say that, but its all for ratings, so everyone will watch, and then the last minute, diddy will feel bad, and bring her back in .. lol .. but like u said, only time will tell. this'll be a much anticipated FINALE! and hopefully the last of MTB4's.