Monday, October 6, 2008

City Bus Chronicles

Walking to the bus this morning was quite an experience today. First off, I usually get a ride but a family emergency occured and I just really hope they are gonna be ok. But still because of it had I t the bus cuz I have no car (like a joke).

Anyways so I head out to catch my 7:45 bus and there it goes right before my very eyes. I mean I wasn't exaclty pissed but I wasn't exactly happy at the fact that I missed the bus.

So then I googled for when the next bus was coming and that wasn't till 8:16. I didn't wanna have to wait till then but hey what can I I did.

Fwd>>16mins of waiting and no bus shows so I take the initiative to walk to my next bus stop about a 1/4 of a mile away.
I crossed the street cuz well basically the other side have pavement and the side I was on didn't & didn't wanna get my kicks all dusty n dirty (I mean call me practical)...anyways not even 5 steps from the other side and a DOG comes outta nowhere.

The DOG then sniffs me as I try to walk/stride away and decides to follow me. Terrific! And so cliche. The stray dog following to school. Does anyone see the humor in this please?!? Anywho... the dog wasn't completly run down looking, yet still he was a mangy mutt (sadly a rottie at that.)

After about 1 min of him following me. He gets up on his 2 hind legs as if to hug me or kiss me or with me as dogs do....and I jooked him. LOL! Good times! I mean I kinda feel bad about it as I think about it, I mean I, Michael Bowens jooked a dog and it really did fall cuz I guess it really did expect me to "catch" him.

Since that I paid the DOG no mind. But even tho he was following me as a stray mangy looking dog I felt bad for him. As I waited for the 8:16 bus I saw the dumb dog play in traffic and freeze after he realized he was in way over his head. (Cars x dogs = dead dog) Plus as he followed untill we, no I mean I reached the intersection to my bus stop, he searched for food at & in every lil scrap of food from a Sunny D bottle, a water bottle and surprisinly some chicken haha.! The DOG would walk aimlessly with me infront of me, behind me, beside swerving from left tot right. And I mean the dog was just there ans as much as it annoyed me having a dog follow me. I knew that for that 10 min walk the dog had something to do and to do it with. As a stray he probably just wanted a friend and i served as that (in his eyes of coarse.)

Antyway (as Madea would say)
Once "we" hit the intersection...I crossed safely...he well he played in traffic again! Semis honked, cars honked, the cops sirened hahah the dog went psycho on the streets till he finally made it the sidewalk as I watched him walk "home."

And those City Bus Chronicles.
Post written on the bus on sidekick.


G-M0N3Y said...

LMAO!! wow .. freakin HILARIOUS!!!
idk what i would've done in that situation cuz i freakin HATE dogs!! lol .. but this one sounded pretty harmless :)

~*Jazzy*~ said...

omg lol that's tooooooo funnie... i'm sorry it just reminded me of a lost kid following someone around lol so sorry for you boo.. but if glo was in that situation she would be freaking the hell out.. so that lil comment she posted.. dnt believe that imma be strong shit..

ZION`OLOGY said...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahhahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhaahahahaahhahahahahhahahahaha...that`s so funny...if i was in that situation i would do the same...4real.:)