Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An EVICTION in the Dollhouse

"tell me if your up for the challenge
cuz my heart is..."

[Danity Kane]
Well as tragic and gut wrenchening and sad as it is - DK is now 3K. At the season final of MTB4, Diddy expressed he didn't want Aubrey in the group anymore pretty harshly (well talk more about this later) and then asked D. Woods how she was feelin? She wasn't feeling the group just as the rest of the were too and because of that was kicked out of the group too... Shannon tried defending them to keep them in the group but was asked if she wanted to quit too and then stayed silent. Diddy asked the same to Aundrea. Aundrea did too in say emphasizing "Danity Kane is all here" (all 5 member & its not DK without us all). While Dawn was in shock. D & Aubrella gave their hugs and kisses, parting words and bounced. Which then left 3 [Shan, Dawn & Drea] fix it, continue on in the group as 3 or disband.

Now... now that Danity Kane is a threesome with Dawn, Aundrea & Shannon it totally throws off the dynamic of the group. It just doesn't look, feel or will be the same without Aubrey + D. Woods.

Now on their evictions:
-Aubrey's to me is completly understandable and justifiable. She back talks Diddy (her boss), is slick at the mouth as it is, is the most contreversial member of their group because of how she's seen in the media [nightclubs, award shows, rumors and relationships] and her sexy personality + image and the facts she needs to express herself and keep it real 100% of the time. All these factors add into why he kicked her out of Danity Kane. And as much as imma miss the sexy lil blonde it was a good call. I just hope she can change he act to become re-instated into the group.

-D. Woods' eviction was so uncalled for. Yeah she wasn't feeling the group's whole situation (but no one was) and it wasn't enough of a reason to kick her out. She simply caught the tail wind of Diddy's firing rampage. Which is tragic cuz she's one of my favorite members and there really is nothing wrong with her. Nothing at all I could say bad about her as I could for Aubrey. She brings swagga to the group and the whole black appeal!

Well, it was and still is difficult for me to see one of my favorite girl groups go down like this. And I'm just gonna have to hope for a miracle that Danity Kane gets back together. I can't bear to just see Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon reping for DK without D. Woods & Aubrey! I'm still deeply wounded from the event...hope I get better.

cuz I'm D-A-M-A-G-E-D,

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G-M0N3Y said...

yessssss .. OMG, i was in a 'state of shock' for the whole conversation .. it all happened so fast! and diddy keeps goin on about how 'they' are making him look like the bad guy when in reality, nobody can make u look bad but YOURSELF! c'mon diddy, u said it first .. NO BITCHASSNESS!!! well wat the hell do u call this ????